Research Interests

My research interests are in persuasive technology, message framing, personality traits, argumentation schemes, cyber security, behaviour change, health and nutrition. My PhD revolves around these domains. My supervisors are Prof. Judith Masthoff and Dr. Nir Oren. Also, I'm interested in knowledge-based programming languages that could be used to automate behaviour-change systems.

I work as a Research Assistant for the project SSPEDI (Supporting Security Policy with Effective Digital Information), which is funded under the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Council Human Dimensions of Cyber Security call. I work under the direct supervision of the principal investigator, Dr. Matthew Collinson along with Prof. Juidth Masthoff. Other project team members are comprised of Dr. Chenghua Lin, Dr. Nir Oren and Prof. Wamberto Vasconcelos, John P. Vargheese and University of Aberdeen's IT Services. While the industry partners are National Grid and Aberdeen City Council, the academic partners are Dr. Jaap Ham, Prof. F. Massacci and Prof. H. Mishra.